Things people said that we didn’t pay them to say

I have worked with Ross Hales for more than a decade on many projects. He brings a lot to the table, including boundless enthusiasm, strategic thinking, intelligence, attention to detail, reliability, keen insights gained from his many years in the business, and commons sense. And, importantly, he’s insanely funny – an important attribute in my view. 

Ralph Eastman

Director, NATIONAL Public Relations

Interspiro had the great pleasure of working with John Gardner in the Canadian market for over 25 years. John led us to unparalleled success due to his professionalism and the trust garnered between Interspiro and Aqua Lung Canada. John did a fantastic job, leading us to securing the single largest dive order in Interspiro Inc.’s history. I am proud of the work we did together and even more proud to call him my friend. I know he will do a great job for whatever company he offers his services to 

Bengt Kjellberg

Vice President, Business Development, Interspiro Inc.

My first introduction to Ross Hales was via a cold call in 2005. I was so impressed with his unique approach that, although not in need of the services he was offering, I agreed to meet with him. Since then, Ross has become a high-value partner to JRS Amenities, bringing insight, ideas and sound strategies to our discussions. Recently, Ross played an active role in launching our new dispenser, MOSAIC, soon to become the largest division of our business. Ross is a man of great integrity and I would highly recommend his services. 

Susan Howard Memory

President and CEO, JRS Amenities

I’ve known John Gardner since the early 1990s, first professionally and then personally. Our publications were U.S. focused and mostly out of his market, so even though we weren’t doing business together, I would visit John in Canada for great discussions and for his industry/business insights. He ran a large, admirable operation, is a man of character and has a wealth of experience in business. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking business counsel. 

Mark Young

Publisher, Dive Training

Having been in scuba diving business for 43 years, we have dealt with several suppliers… Since 1990, as the Founder and President of Aqua Lung Canada Ltd., John Gardner has been a leader in the Scuba Diving Industry. Mr. Gardner has always acted in the same way; being very honest, very committed, respectful and above all loving of all his customers… We strongly recommend John Gardner because we can guarantee you that he will satisfy you and be up to your business needs.

Sylvain Lecompte

Président, Boutique Triton – Laval, Québec

I had the privilege of working with John Gardner in a range of capacities over the last 20 years. John has many strengths as an executive, and business experience that ranges from overseeing manufacturing operations to providing the distribution services that make the finished goods available to customers.  One of his greatest strengths is his ability to develop and nurture long lasting business relationships that contribute to the growth and profitability of a company over a long period of time. This ability was demonstrated in diverse markets, such as developing sales with smaller specialty retailers, generating sales with some of the largest retailers in the Canadian market, and bringing very significant business to the company through military and professional operations organizations.

Brett Conrad

CEO, Stohlquist WaterWare, Inc.